Genuine peace of mind

How can you ever achieve genuine peace of mind if your happiness depends on how others treat you? How can you experience the abiding presence of God if you think that he is not always with you? How is it even possible for you to hope for freedom if you choose again and again to define yourself as a person whose world is defined by the behavior of others?

If you see yourself as a person engaged in this world as a component of a social system, you do not know who you are. Your self-perception is an illusion, your connectedness to others a mere semblance. All bodies are the manifestation of a belief in differences. They are defined by separateness. Consciousness invested in a body is a “piece” of the unitary cosmic Being that has taken refuge in boundaries, in isolation, in differences. The ego builds a castle for itself where it can defend itself from the threat of annihilation. Yet the totality of Being is equally inside the castle as outside. To God, there is no difference between the inside of your castle and the inside of your enemy’s castle because no apparent boundary limits him. He is the Being out of which all being arise and to which they return when their period of manifestation is over. Even speaking of “arising” and “returning” is not quite accurate, because nothing can ever leave the totality of his Being.

Appearances change. Water rising in the tree as sap becomes a bud, a leaf, food for the bugs on the forest floor, dirt, nutrition for another tree. An uncountable number of leaves compete for sunlight for a season as part of this cycle. Each is unique, a singular expression in the space-time continuum. And so are we. But like the leaves we appear for a time and disappear as part of the cosmic cycle of life. Being becomes beings, countless manifestations of its enthusiasm for living, each a moment in time at a particular place in space. Does the cosmic Being feel loss when one leaf falls? Is it partial to the leaf over the bug that feeds on it? Is it not found in both the leaf and the bug? Does it not exist as both the leaf and the bug?

You are here, now, like a leaf or a bug. The structures that differentiate you from all other beings will break down and the elements that compose your body will eventually combine with other elements to form new structures. Such is the way of all beings.

What, then, is your purpose while existing as an individual manifestation of life on Earth? Rejoice in it while you are here. Celebrate being a manifestation of Being. Express all the creativity, intelligence, and joy that you can as a player in the cosmic drama. The play will end, your pretense will be over, and you will return home for a while to return once again to one role or another in the play of the cosmic Being.

Be happy in this place, at this time, no matter what has happened, is happening, or is about to happen. God never changes, although one could say that he is always changing form. You are safe, secure, at home with God always, even in the midst of the drama. Play for a while and be happy. You will soon rest and play again. Never fear. Rejoice.



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